by. Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’  

 Are you willing to “Go and tell”?  Perhaps it’s “Go and tell your next door neighbour”, or someone at work or maybe even someone who lives halfway around the world.  Whatever the case, obedience to the Lord is the only way to handle your fears.    When we trust and obey, God has a way of taking care of our fears.  Our orders are clear:  GO AND TELL!

                                                             Dr. Woodrow Kroll

  I had the opportunity to talk to a brother who had left his high paying job in the Gulf to serve the Lord. He said that God had exercised his heart to serve in a place where there was no church; to serve as a personal evangelist and not as a convention speaker, also not to be part of any organization in any capacity.  In association with certain like-minded dear brothers, this brother was able within a short time to start an assembly of 20 believers in a thickly populated nominal Christian locality.   Further there was another brother now with him also working as a full time evangelist.  On hearing this, I felt that this was a good example to follow. My thoughts went to Mathew 4.:18-22.   The Lord was walking beside the Sea of Galilee. He talked to the two brothers and led them to be fishers of men. In the work of evangelizing and catching fish we need to go to the fish. The fish will not come to us. There is a lot of skill needed to catch certain kinds of fishes. Sometimes they can slip off from our nets, but repeated efforts can bring them in. Is this not the same approach that we can use in  evangelization too? Often we cast big nets like gospel crusades, campaigns, conventions etc. with the end result that not a single fish has come  into the net, in spite of great efforts behind it. I feel sorry for such fruitless activities. The first generation believers had learned the basic lessons of fishing. They knew that when the net is cast in the deep waters they could get a big catch.  By being on the shore they could not cast the net in deep waters. There is some amount of hardship to get into the water. Today there are some, fishing by just being on the shore. But the truth is that not a single fish will get into the net. In order to evangelize an Ethiopian eunuch, Philip traveled miles through a long stretch of road to Gaza which is south of Jerusalem. That incident was instrumental for the gospel to reach Africa. We are familiar with the way Paul and his co-workers went to interior parts of the Roman Empire, enduring hardship, to make many the citizens of heaven. It is evident in the Bible that many came to Jesus by personal evangelization.  Today, the number of those fishing from the shore are increasing. Because of that, they are not serving any useful purpose. If the approach is taken to go where the fish is, then there could be a good catch. Many look on certain people as untouchable and follow a certain social status in gospel work. It is high time that such attitudes have to be changed. Dearly beloved we need to see others in the manner that the Lord saw them, especially our brothers. Then only can we have the peace, joy and the expected results as the Lord promised. May the Lord so help us in the coming days.END

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